• About Us

    Circuit Launch is a dedicated 31K sq ft, co-working space for IOT, VR, AR, and other electronic HARDWARE startups.

    We are a community of startup and established electronic hardware companies, where we provide our members with office, lab, and micromanufacturing workspaces, plus full access to Circuit Launch’s open and diverse network of industry leading Engineers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Hardware-Friendly Investors.

    Bay Area startups often use co-working spaces such as Incubators, Accelerators, and Shared Offices to develop their business models. Most of these spaces do not scale economically, or flexibly enough to suit teams in rapid growth, or teams that produce tangible products. In particular, electronic hardware startups face a shortage of spaces that can support their businesses from concept through early production runs.

    Hardware startups find themselves in the awkward position of outstripping a simple office set-up, yet being unprepared to acquire their own manufacturing equipment and/or outsource expensive limited production runs.

    We are based in the amazing Oakland, CA. The city is centrally located to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Oakland is a major transit and transportation hub, and being located next to Oakland International Airport allows for last-minute overnight shipments and easy access to arriving visitors

  • Why

    Circuit Launch exists because of a fundamental shift in rules about where you should locate your electronic hardware business. Until recently, companies felt pressured to move their operations to a foreign production center. Often this move included locking the company into a particular supplier or manufacturer relationship. Fortunately, conditions have changed. Rapid advancement of micromanufacturing equipment means that prototyping, testing and small run production can now be done in-house. And for mass production, the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers are establishing local offices at the various centers of innovation and capital. Production is no longer the primary driver of your company’s location.

    Without the oversized emphasis on production, location choice can focus on other metrics: availability of talent, access to capital, cultures of innovation, connections to transportation, shared infrastructure, business climate, lifestyle, and more. The Silicon Valley / San Francisco region is a world leader in the metrics important to Tech companies, and it is home to Circuit Launch.

    Circuit Launch leverages the advantages of our location for our members, including the diverse ecosystem of suppliers, manufacturers, and investors. Variety and choice are a part of our ethos. Our community is open; we believe there is no one right supplier, manufacturer, or investor for everyone. Our community is mixed; we serve both startup and established companies. And finally, our community isn’t created by equity participation; we are a pure service provider, exclusively focused on the electronic hardware industry.

  • Mission

    To make Hardware less hard. Circuit Launch builds communities of electronic hardware companies to share in knowledge, connections, and experience with dedicated hardware equipment and workspaces. Together we connect, build, and deliver the future of hardware development.

Our Team

Erik Katz
Founder & CEO

IT type turned Maker Evangelist. Founder: Hardware Con

Alex Dantas
Founder & COO

Aspiring Ballet Dancer and US Army Watercraft Engineer turned Serial Entrepreneur. Founder: Jorli, Sensimob

Nicolas Haralambides
Founder and Chief Real Estate Officer

Architect turned Savvy Developer. Principal: NPH Architects

Dan O'Mara
Community & Operations Specialist

Poker playing social coach turned Hardware Community Guru. Founder: Ninja Standing Desk

Carl Bass

Builder turned Software Developer turned Executive turned Builder. AutoDesk, Ithaca Software, and more

Nolan Bushnell

Inventor turned Video Gamer turned Executive turned Tech Evangelist. Atari, Chuck E Cheese, and more

Kent Jenkins

Salesman/Lawyer turned Entrepreneur Groupie. Solo Practitioner, Corporate Identity Systems

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us if you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Can I just use the equipment and fabrication lab?

    Yes, but you will still need at minimum a day membership. You will also need to take a Basic Use and Safety class for the machines you wish to use. We now offer a membership plan for Lab use only.

  • What is your leasing price per Sq/ft?

    Use of all the amenities, common spaces, electronics lab, fabrication lab, and specific equipment are all included in our prices. Come take a tour to see the size of our available offices.

  • Do I need to be a hardware startup to be a member?

    We give first priority to electronic hardware startups, however we do have a limited amount of room for unrelated companies to join our community.

  • Can I drop by?

    If you know a member, they can give you a tour, otherwise please arrange a tour with us beforehand. If you become a member online you will receive your electronic access keys and can enter right away.

  • How do I get my access keys?

    Either come and join our Wireless SSID: "Welcome to Circuit Launch" onsite, or go to and register.

    Once you are registered click the menu button on your mobile phone at the top right and click on your name. Select "My Keys" and then "add to homepage" to make a quick link for access. You must be onsite to open the doors.

  • Help! I need a place to work now that the Techshop closed.

    We are offering 2 months free if you show your techshop badge! We also don't charge for our Basic Use and Safety classes to get checked out on our equipment.

    We are still in the process of getting our Fabrication lab set up, please allow 6 weeks for all of our tools to be available.

    Currently we have our full electronics lab, vinyl cutter, and laser cutter available for use.

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